With well over decades of experience across a broad spectrum of California workplace environments, Partners Risk Specialists is an expert at providing
a team to mesh with current cultures and introduce new ways of thinking as well as enhancing current programs in place.

We customize fluent bilingual teams to administer enrollment and all questions, concerns, issues, and make them available to your management in 24 hours.

We deploy, at your discretion, teams of OSHA trainers when needed, and safety incentive specialists to kick-start an attention to safety and workplace environment.

We offer enrollment teams, bilingual, for 401K, pension programs, health benefits, disability programs, and employee retention programs that really work.

Workers’ Compensation/Risk Management

Aggressive Pricing for ALL Industries

Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

Maintain Premium Payments


Human Resources

Customized Employee Handbooks

Harassment Training

Separations/Exit Interviews

Wage and Hour Practices


Unemployment Claims Management


Medical, Dental, Vision

Section 125 Plan – COBRA Services

Disability Insurance



  • OSHA 300 Log Tracking& Compliance
  • IIPP Safety Manual
  • Safety Programs
  • Loss Control
  • Safety Training
  • Risk Assessment
  • Violation Abatement
  • Posting Requirements
  • Mock OSHA inspections
  • Post Injury Investigations
  • Documented Safety Meetings
    (monthly, quarterly, annually
    -based on needs )
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Powered Industrial Site Evalutions
  • Job Hazard Analysis


Preparation and delivery of all reports and payroll checks, as well as direct deposits

Any pay type or combination of types—whether hourly, salary, commission, per diem, piecework, advances or draw

Manual checks and advances, overtime and paid leave, as well as administration of garnishments and third-party payee

Payment of all federal and state withholding, including FICA, FUTA, and SUTA

Production and filing of 940’s, 941’s, W-2’s, and state quarterly and annual reports

Special reports including job costing, labor distribution and certified payroll available